Sydnee Turkovich


Some more about me!

I’m a kind-hearted dork most of the time, I handle stressful situations well and have enough anxiety to drive me for days until I finish a project that’s been started. Since I was a kid I have loved video games, not just for mindless play though, I love seeing the amount of effort, work, and art that goes into them. I knew from a very young age what I wanted to do when I grew up, it was never “a doctor” or a “scientist” it was always a game designer and more recently animator was added into the mix. My first animation was a set of eyes that changed color every time they blinked and the amount of joy that I got from doing that project was astronomical. Sadly I had several art teachers tell me I could not do what I wanted and that I simply wouldn’t be good enough. now with a little spite and all the will to push on, I will make my dream a reality in the future.

Tank and Sydnee
playing with negative space and a q